Thursday, August 23, 2012

Your hands must hurt!

I often get asked if my hands hurt after a long day of providing massage, or similar I get told that my hands are very strong that I must get tired after doing so many massages a day.

Truth is, I don't just use my hands when I am giving a massage. I use my entire body as leverage to give the strength that you feel in my massage work. When you ask for more pressure, I step back, get into a lunge and push my entire body forward focusing on my forearm, or palm of my hand (whichever I am using at the moment) and as my entire body moves forward, it gives leverage for my hand or forearm to give a bit more pressure as you wish. 

Strength from leverage

To keep my body from overuse, and daily wear and tear, it is important that I take care of it so that you can benefit from my best work each and every time.

One of my favorite ways to keep my hands in tip top shape between appointments is to shake them out. You can do this too if you have a job that requires lots of hand use such as working at a desk typing all day.

Imagine that you have very sticky tape on your fingers and you want to shake it off. Shake your arms and hands as hard as you can (if this hurts, please don't do the exercise). Try shaking them for at least 10 seconds straight. And stop. I'd say it feels pretty good! =)