Saturday, August 25, 2012

Melrose Muscle Therapy at the Taste of Melrose Park

I'm very excited about some events that I will be doing in the neighborhood in the coming weeks. The first big event is next weekend (Aug 31, Sept 1 & 2) is the Taste of Melrose Park. Melrose Muscle Therapy will have an information booth there for the first time. I have been going to the Taste of MP for most all of my life (missed only one year that I am aware of). It is family friendly, lots of fun, and great food! This year there are over 70 food vendors, mostly family booths, and not restaurants. The food ranges in price from $1-$3, and the best part about it is that you can actually have lunch and dinner there and not be hungry, or out of money at the end of the day. There are a few booths that I look forward to every year: Sfingi (sugar donuts made by nuns), arancini (fried rice ball filled stuffed with meat and veggies), and quesadillas. There is so much food at this event, that I never make it to each booth. This year, I may have a good chance at it, since I will be there the entire time.

Melrose Muscle Therapy will have an informational booth nearby the crafts and other businesses this year. We will have giveaways, information, and free chair massage given by yours truly. I hope that you take some time out next weekend and join us at this year's Taste of Melrose Park. We would love to see you there!