Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick Ways to Relieve Stress

We all have had those days where we were so stressed out that we couldn't think straight. We couldn't concentrate on anything. It was just not possible to be productive at work or at home. We became easily aggravated, and we felt like we were just mad at the world. These are the short term affects of dealing with a lot of negative stress.

Feeling Stressed? Here are some tips on how to deal.
Photo courtesy of ABMP.

Quick Ways to Relieve Stress:

Take a moment to laugh, even if you have to force one out. Did you know that if you start laughing on purpose, eventually that laugh will become a real laugh.

Give yourself a timeout. Close your eyes, picture yourself surrounded by your favorite things, or picture yourself surrounded by nothing at all. Take a few deep breaths, and concentrate on your inhale and exhale.

Act like a kid. Put on your favorite show when you were a kid. Odds are it had some music in it that you can still sing along to. Pretend like no one is watching and sing and dance along, just like when you were a kid.

Spend some quality time with some animals. Petting your dog or cat has a very relaxing effect, even if only for a few minutes. Seeing their unconditional love for you helps you to feel happier, decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, and increasing oxytocin.

Clean up! Being surrounded by a messy area can be very distracting and nerve wrecking. So take some time to clean a bit of it up, whether it is a drawer, a closet, or your workspace.