Thursday, January 3, 2013

20 Ways to Take a Break

We all need to take a break once in a while from all the stressors we face each day.  Here is a list of ways you can take a break and give yourself a moment to regroup.

20 ways to take a break

  1. Focus on your breath
  2. Color in a coloring book
  3. Stretch
  4. Read the comics in the paper
  5. Drive to someplace new
  6. Pet your dog or cat
  7. Listen to some of your favorite relaxing music
  8. Go to the park and swing or go down the slide
  9. Think about something you are thankful for
  10. Turn off the TV and sit in silence
  11. Dance
  12. Smell some fresh flowers
  13. Write a letter to someone
  14. Watch a movie short
  15. Write in a journal
  16. Call someone you haven't heard from in a while
  17. Light a candle
  18. Go for a walk
  19. Grab a hula hoop and hula away
  20. Take a short nap
What can you add to this list?