Sunday, February 26, 2012

We all love a little chocolate!

When people think of dieting, they think of things they are going to stop eating.  One that comes to mind are sweets, especially chocolate.  Well, I've figured out a way to cure that chocolate craving, without any of the guilt!

Introducing Melrose Muscle Therapy's newest offering:

Chocolate Indulgence Massage

Chocolate Indulgence Massage in Melrose Park, IL
No, I will not be rubbing chocolate syrup all over you, or anything messy such as that.  What this massage is - is a Swedish or Deep Tissue (or a combination of the two) massage with a special oil.  This oil is infused with cocoa, and the smell will just take you away to the most decadent place.  You can book your appointment by clicking here.  The 60 minute massage is only $90, and if you 'Like' Melrose Muscle Therapy on Facebook, you will get 10% off any and all massages!