Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stress and Disease

So many problems are related to being overly stressed. Here are quite a few of them:

Loss of sleep
Can't concentrate
Can't seem to remember much
Always tired
Constantly suffering from pain
Heart Disease
Change in your weight
Heart Attack

So what can you do if you are suffering from any of these, or prevent you from getting any of these? How can you change your stress levels to a much lower manageable state?

Figure out what is causing you to stress. What can you do to relieve some of those stressful agents? Just taking a few moments to yourself to clear your mind can help. Turn off every distraction for a moment. Focus on your breathing so that you can't think of anything else. If you can't find a place to be free of distractions, then get a massage. Even a short 30 minutes can help you de-stress so that you can get back to solving any problems that are in front of you.