Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kids have it easy commercial

I saw a commercial today that left me feeling a bit horrified. It was a 14 year old boy talking to some younger boys about how they have it so easy nowadays. The younger kids were on the couch with their laptop computers. The 14 year old boy spoke about having to wait 1 whole minute sitting in front of his computer for something to download, and now he has back problems. As amusing as this may have been for the commercial, I couldn't help but think how the newer generation will most likely have more back issues due to sitting in front of their computers for hours each day. Technology has taken us all a long way. Many of my older clients that work at a desk position for 8-12 hours a day come in with persistent back pain. Many have smartphones, or ipads, or some other device in which they hold it in a way that they are looking down at their machines. They complain of neck pain, headaches, and other back related issues. As our society becomes more dependent on these devices. I can't help but think about the issues we will be facing in the future. Take this as a reminder to get up, move around, at the very least each hour. Set a timer at your desk while at work. Set a timer for your children when they are doing their homework. Make sure you stretch a bit. Just get up and move. The more mobile we are now, the more mobile we will be in the future.