Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Living Purposefully and Responsibly

Inspiration from a fellow blogger who has been writing about living with a purpose. You can read his posts here.

The idea of living with a purpose, the way I understand it, is to have goals that you are reaching for and striving for each day. Here is my step by step plan on how to live with purpose.

  1. Ask yourself what do you want.
Write down your goals. Do you want to go back to school? Do you want to de-stress your life? Do you want to eat healthier? Whatever it is that you want to attain, write it down.
  1. Ask yourself what actions are needed to meet your goals.
      Break down your goals into mini attainable goals if needed. Example: If I wanted to write a novel by next year, I would try to write at least a few pages each week, or day. Each month I would a have a goal of having written at least a chapter. So I have goals set for the year, for each month, and each day. Create a schedule for yourself and try to keep to it.
  1. Hold yourself accountable.
Understand that you and only you are responsible for your choices and your actions.

Let us know what you are striving for. How will you live with purpose today?