Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mommy Martyrdom?

Take a moment to read this article from the Chicago Tribune the other day about how moms can get to the point where they feel they are the only ones that can care for their children, and have a hard time breaking away. I'm totally guilty of this one. Whenever I've gone somewhere, and I knew my daughters were not going to be sleeping, I feel guilty. Guilty for leaving them. It took a long time, (sometimes I still do it) to get to a point where I feel somewhat comfortable with leaving them with my parents for a few hours, or with my husband as I run to the store, or with a trusted babysitter. Even though I know they are safe, I still felt guilty. I'd call and check in just to hear their voices to put my mind at ease. After reading this article, I will make it a point to remind myself that I leave my girls in safe hands. To remind myself that it is okay for them to be looked after by someone else once in a while, in fact, it is good for them.