Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Helping Students in Need with School Days Supply Drive & Contest

I remember at the end of the school year during my time in elementary school, the teachers were always scrambling for supplies.  We always seemed to run out of paper and chalk and pencils before the year was over.  I vividly remember one year it was October and we didn't have any orange paper left in the entire school.  No pumpkin craft.  We were pretty disappointed kids.  There was another year where we ran out of chalk in each of the classrooms and I remember my teacher purchasing her own to bring in to school.

My elementary school has since closed down, but there are a few schools still in the area.  With state budgets cutting back on school budgets, I figured this year we should do a supply drive for District 89 students and teachers.  To make it a bit more fun, I've included a two part contest as well.


I asked the local school district what their wishlist was, and the number one thing on their list was a surprise to me.  White uniform shirts.  Second on the list - socks.  So if you are shopping one day and you see some uniform shirts on sale, please pick up a few, and bring them in, any and all sizes for the kids.  For a complete wishlist, visit the link above.

When you participate, this is what you will get in return- (besides that warm fuzzy feeling) a chance to win a free 60 minute Hot Bamboo Massage.  You also get 10 minutes added to your current massage session and a free Hot Bamboo upgrade to your 30 minute appointment this month.  Oh, and one more thing, if you happen to be the winner of drawing, you also get to pick an area elementary school at which Melrose Muscle Therapy will provide the faculty and staff a day of free massages as a 'thank you' to all they do. =)