Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moon Bounce and Leg Cramps

Yesterday my daughter Luciana had her 3rd birthday party.  Lots of activities for the kids that were there, and my daughter didn't want to stop to rest for long.  There was a moon bounce, and she was in there jumping around for hours.  After a while, she decided she need to go inside and take a nap.   When she woke up, she came outside again, and continued to run around and jump again in the moon bounce.  9pm rolls around, and her legs start to hurt.  She falls in the moon bounce, starts crying that her legs are hurting.  Party is over. =(   I ask my husband to carry her upstairs to "mommy's bed."  He runs to get me a heating pad, and some jojoba oil. 

My daughter is no stranger to massage.  She has been getting them everyday since she was born, heck she liked them when I received massage when I was pregnant with her. 

She knew what I was about to do, and she stopped crying, calmed down, and helped to guide me in my massage.  I begin to apply a small amount of jojoba to her legs, and Luciana tells me where she wanted me to rub out the pain.  As the heating pad warmed up under her legs, and I worked out the cramping, she began to feel better.  It didn't take much time for her to feel okay again.  Bodywork works very quickly with children, especially children that receive massage as often as my daughter does. 

This morning, I rubbed down her legs again, just as a precaution.  She thanked me with a big hug and the words, "you're the best mom!"  =)

Do you have any stories you would like to share?  I'd love to hear how massage has helped you in your life.