Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Daddy-Newborn Relationship - how to increase the bonding

New research has been done that shows there is another benefit specific to fathers for learning and giving infant massage.  This benefit is lowering the father's stress levels.

You can read the pubmed article here.

When men and women become parents, it is stressful for both parties.  Traditionally it has been the mom taking most, if not all, the responsibility in the early years.  Many fathers feel left out, or don't know what they can do to support mom and baby, and this becomes a new source of stress (besides having a new mouth to feed).  Increasingly, however, men have taken on more parental responsibility earlier in a newborn's life.  Taking a class on infant massage is great for dads.  It helps them to bond with their newborn children earlier in their baby's life and apparently it also decreases dad's stress levels too!.  There is so much more to learn in an infant massage class than just the massage strokes.  You learn how to communicate with your baby.  There are discussions with other parents and you find out what other moms and dads do when situations arise.  The class is an open forum for discussion, and fathers can meet other men who are in similar situations with whom they can relate.

I would love to see even more dads getting involved, and I can help you.  Click here to learn about taking an infant massage class with Luisa at Melrose Muscle Therapy.