Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mommy Snow Days

Being a mom isn't easy.  What can make it even  more difficult is not being able to take the kids outside to play.  Living in the Chicago area, we are no stranger to snow.  When a snowstorm hits, you can get stranded in your home for a couple of days. Here are some wonderful ideas to keep little ones busy when you are stuck inside for a while.

Make a snowman.
  1. Have dance parties 
  2. Play tag
  3. Bring out the playdough
  4. Bake some cookies
  5. Make some snacks, and watch a movie
  6. Make forts with the couch cushions
  7. Read stories to each other, or make them up
  8. Get some stickers and go crazy with them
  9. Paint some pictures
  10. Put together some puzzles
  11. Put up your tent and go camping in your living room
  12. Bring some snow inside and have a sensory experience (great for really little kids)
There are so many activities that can be done indoors, but as soon as the storm has cleared, and it is safe to do so, go outside and play in the snow!

What do you do when you are stuck indoors for a while?  Comment below.