Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Here is a list of ways you can reduce the amount of stress you feel around the holidays.
      1. Be thankful for what you do have.
        During the holidays it is easy to get caught up in the I need and the I want mentality.  Do you really need the newest gadget?  If you don't get it, will you be super disappointed?  Focus on what you do have and realize that so many people in the world don't have that.  Be thankful, you will feel better.
      2. Ask for help.
        You don't have to do everything yourself.  Ask for help from your friends and family.  Work together if you can and spend time together.
      3. Laugh.
        Have you heard of laugh therapy?  How about fake it till you make it?  That is the idea here.  Even if you don't feel like laughing, just start laughing.  Eventually, that laugh will become a real one.  Laughing triggers the body to release endorphins and you will start feeling better.  Laughter really is the best medicine!
      4. Take time for yourself.
        Many people, especially during the holidays, take care of so many other people that they forget to take time for yourself.  Don't be that person.  Make sure to schedule a little 'me' time. 
      5. Say no.
        Did you overload your next month with way too many activities?  Did you sign up to volunteer and realize you can't possibly meet your obligation and have time to sleep too?  It is okay to say no to some activities, and yes to others.  You don't have to say yes to everything that comes your way.

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