Friday, October 21, 2011

How to Relieve Stress at Home

A list of ways to reduce your stress.
  1. Massage – of course you expected that one, but you don't have to go get one to feel some relief. You can give one, and you can obtain some of the same benefits of relaxation. Even if it is giving a massage to your pet. Even a few minutes can help!
  2. Exercise – in any form, blowing off steam by exercising is great to relieve some stress in you life. And an added plus – it is healthy for you!  Have little ones at home, have them join in!
  3. Laugh – There is a new therapy out there that I have recently heard of called Laughing Therapy. You force yourself to laugh until you are actually laughing. Try it out.
  4. Listen to Music – Calming music, raging music, a song that brings you back to a pleasant memory.
  5. Clear the Clutter – Clean! I always felt better after cleaning a room. Bonus, you can multitask this one by listening to music while you clean. You can get it done faster, and you will be exercising while you do it! Feels great doesn't it?
  6. Eat – Now I don't mean gorge yourself with ice cream and cake, or salty chips. I'm talking about getting a bowl of your favorite fruits or veggies and chowing down on them. You will feel better about what you ate, and in turn your body will feel better for you.
  7. Time Out – Just give yourself a second to clear your mind, and not think. Give yourself a break from everything.
  8. Stretch – While you are giving yourself a timeout, stretch your arms alternately reaching into the air. Right arm reach up, then left arm reach up. As if there were a money tree above you and you were reaching for those dollars! Breath in as you reach up, breath out as you bring those arms down. Focus on your breath and feel the stretch down your back.
  9. Make a List – Write down what you need to take care of today. Not tomorrow, not next week, just today. Now number them in order of importance. Now that you see your list, start with something easy so you can cross it off. Then go down the list in order.
  10. Journal – Write down when you feel stressed. Write something when you don't. This can help you figure out what is going on, and can help you combat it for the future.

What do you do to relieve stress?